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Other FAQs

  • What are the different types of exhibitor tiers?

Premium Plus, Premium, and Basic. These types are there to help you as the organizer create different packages that are differentiated for your exhibitors.

  • Do all exhibitor booths have live sessions?

The Basic expo tier does not have live sessions, while the Premium Plus and Premium expo tiers can have live sessions. You would need to select the live session option when adding a booth.

  • Can moderators access the live session before the event starts?

No, only organizers and speakers can access the full event before it starts. As the organizer, you can duplicate the event into a test event, change its date to current, and invite moderators to test going Live in sessions.

  • How are exhibitor booths ranked?

Based on the exhibitor tier and the rank order that you set. Premium Plus is the highest, then Premium, and then Basic.

  • Is there a limit on the number of exhibitors organizers can add?

Organizers on Balloon's Enterprise plan can have an unlimited number of exhibitors. Organizers on the Pro plan can have up to 20 exhibitors. Organizers on the Starter plan can have up to 10 exhibitors.

  • Can live sessions be recorded?

Yes, this is a feature that can be enabled and disabled within Balloon Manager.

  • Can exhibitors generate leads?

Yes, there is a 'Register Interest' button added to the exhibitor booths to allow attendees to register their interests. Exhibitors will receive an email with the attendees' contact details.

  • Can exhibitors edit their own booth?

Currently, organizers need to edit and create the booths on behalf of the exhibitors. However, we've created public forms that can be requested and used by organizers to share with exhibitors. You can access more details here.

  • Is there a limit on how many participants can join a live session?

10 participants (including the exhibitors) can join a live session at a time.

  • Is there a limit on how many people can watch a live session?

1-2 speakers: 5,000 viewers maximum

3-4 speakers: 4,000 viewers maximum

5-6 speakers: 3,000 viewers maximum

7 speakers: 2,500 viewers maximum

8-9 speakers: 2,000 viewers maximum

10 speakers: 1,800 viewers maximum

15 speakers: 1,200 viewers maximum

20 speakers: 900 viewers maximum

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