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  • What are the different types of sessions?

Balloon has three different types of sessions: General (often used for Workshops), Roundtables, and Meetings.

  • Is there a limit of participants per session?

General: allows up to 20 participants + 3 moderators

Roundtables: allow up to 12 participants + 3 moderators

Meetings: allow up to 10 participants + 3 moderators

  • What is the difference between these session types other than the limit of participants?

The first difference is the thumbnails for Roundtables and Meetings; from the outside of the session, they actually look like tables, while General is a banner card that you can change. The second difference is Meetings are the only type of sessions that are participation only. The types of sessions only matter for the organizer as these labels don't show anywhere for the attendees.

  • Who can watch the sessions?

Public (or anyone) sessions: anyone from the event can join these sessions

Private (invitation only): invited attendees will be able to join these sessions

Specific tickets: Selected ticket type holders will be able to join these sessions

Unlisted (access via link): only those with the session link will be able to join these sessions

  • Is there a limit on how many sessions can be created?

There is only a limit for Starter and Pro plans. Starter plans can have up to 5 sessions, Pro plans can have up to 15 sessions, and Enterprise plans can have an unlimited number of sessions.

  • Is there a limit on how many people can view a session?

1-2 speakers: 5,000 viewers maximum

3-4 speakers: 4,000 viewers maximum

5-6 speakers: 3,000 viewers maximum

7 speakers: 2,500 viewers maximum

8-9 speakers: 2,000 viewers maximum

10 speakers: 1,800 viewers maximum

15 speakers: 1,200 viewers maximum

20 speakers: 900 viewers maximum

A screen share is considered a speaker.

  • Can the sessions be sponsored?

Yes, all sessions can be paired with a sponsor and enabled in Balloon Manager when creating the different sessions.

  • Can sessions be recorded?

Yes, this is a feature that can be enabled and disabled within Balloon Manager.

  • Can sessions be named?

Yes, you can add a name/title to each session.

  • Can I see who is participating or watching a session?

Yes, you will be able to see who is participating and watching a session.

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