On the day of the event, you will be able to access the breakout session you are moderating. The event organizer will coordinate with you and inform you of the time, day, and session you are moderating.

Step 1: Register or log in to your Balloon account

Step 2: Visit the event page and head over to the 'Sessions' function.

Step 3: In this case, my session is the 'Housing & Dining' - therefore, you can go ahead and select the 'join' button.

Step 4: As the moderator, you can select 'start live session' as soon as you are ready.

Step 5: If the session is open for anyone to participate, attendees entering the session will request access and the moderators are able to accept or decline.

Step 6: Moderators should inform participants that they must enable their audio and video.

Within the sessions, moderators and participants have the option to share their screen. Moderators can also 'lock' their session if for some reason you do not want additional participants to join.

Do keep in mind that if sessions are being recorded, you will see the icon on the screen's upper right-hand corner.

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