The event reception page is where your attendees will first land on the day of the event. You want to make sure it looks great and has all the information they need.

You can edit event reception from your event dashboard in Balloon Manager by going to 'Reception' on the left bar:

The text above automatically adds 1 line of spacing, so make sure not to add spacing when entering the text unless you want double spacing. This is how the below looks on the event app.

You can also do the following with your reception text:

  • Add bullet points

  • Bold text

  • Add emojis

Event reception text can be used for various objectives such as:

  • Welcome message

  • Communicating how to navigate the event

  • Any event policies, rules, or etiquette

  • What to expect

  • Important information

  • Anything else that you think is important for your attendees to know

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