Team buildings to career fairs, Balloon's break-out sessions serve any event's needs.

Sessions are found on the left bar in Balloon Manager and under the 'Participate' button on the events app's left bar. You can modify the name of the button in the event app from key details in your events dashboard.

There are three types of sessions: General (often used for Workshops), Roundtables, and Meetings. Based on each session type, organizers can define the number of participants who can participate and watch each session.

As seen below, roundtables and meetings are table-shaped when browsing sessions, while 'General' has a featured banner that you can customize. Seats on tables get filled up with the profile icon of the participants as they join the sessions.

Participation limits:

  • General: allows up to 20 participants + 3 moderators

  • Roundtables: allow up to 12 participants + 3 moderators

  • Meetings: allow up to 10 participants + 3 moderators

Who can watch:

  • Public (or anyone) sessions: anyone from the event can join these sessions

  • Private (invitation only): invited attendees will be able to join these sessions

  • Specific tickets: Selected ticket type holders will be able to join these sessions

  • Unlisted (access via link): only those with the session link will be able to join these sessions

Who can participate:

  • Anyone: Anyone attending the event can participate

  • Moderated: Only moderators can participate and have the ability to accept or decline other participants

  • Invite Only: Only those invited would be able to participate.

Meetings are participate-only sessions. This means that no one can watch the meeting and not participate. Everyone in the 'Meeting' sessions type is a participant.

All sessions can be paired with a sponsor and have their own individual chats. Recordings can be enabled for each session and can be accessed in Balloon Manager.

Here you can also find a short video tutorial on how to create sessions on Balloon:

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