With Balloon, you have 2 options for networking. Here are some quick instructions on how to make the best out of this while attending an event on Balloon.

First, fill in your details (you do this once):

1-on-1 instant networking:

  1. Click start networking

2. Look for a match:

3. Connect with a match (you have 10 seconds to decide):

3. Once connected, you will be able to 'Start a call' if the other person connects as well.

4. Success. You are connected and in a video call. You can talk as long as the organizer sets the time. You can also add the contact to your connections, share your screen, or send a message in the chatbox.

Cocktail table (group networking):

  1. Browse tables, then create or join a table by click 'Join'.

2. Set your audio and video settings:

3. Join group networking and say hello:

Hope you enjoy networking at your Balloon events and meet great people. Happy networking.

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