Balloon's virtual exhibitor tiers are dividing into 3:

  • Premium-plus: Highest value tier

  • Premium: Medium value tier

  • Basic: Lowest value tier

This will allow exhibitors to receive value and benefits based on their desired budgets and needs.

For this article, we will explain in detail the benefits of a basic virtual expo booth at a Balloon event:

The basic exhibitor features a thumbnail in the expo area with the exhibitor's name and logo. Basic exhibitors also appear below Premium-Plus and Premium exhibitors on the expo page.

Basic booth features:

  1. Exhibitor name

  2. Exhibitor description (ideally 1 small paragraph)

  3. Exhibitor logo (Min. width 430px - Result image ratio 2.15:1)

  4. Video: Currently supporting Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

  5. Private exhibitor chat: You can use this chat to welcome and chat with event attendees.

  6. Lead generation button: This can be renamed to the exhibitor's choice. The default name is 'Register Interest'.

  7. Exhibitor staff

  8. Website and social media links

If you have any questions, you can reach out to your event organizer or to us in the live chat.

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