Yes! Using Simulcast to stream from your event to social media is a great way to publicize and draw attention to your online event.

With Balloon, you can easily stream any stage session, including screen sharing streams, from your event to social media and other channels.

To set up Simulcast, access your event from Balloon Manager and click the Stages tab. Choose the stage you want to Simulcast from and paste the Stream/Server Key and URL from the location you are streaming to into the Simulcast area shown below:


  1. Create and control backstage to be able to simultaneously stream on another channel.

  2. Be sure to set up Simulcast from Balloon first, before going live on the other channel.

  3. Use Balloon Studio for live video streaming in order to Simulcast.

Let's take Facebook Live as an example. As shown below, choose Use Stream Key and copy the Server/Stream Key and URL found in the Live Stream Setup:

Paste them individually into the correct locations in Balloon Manager's Simulcast area. Once you're ready to stream, click go live from Facebook Live's left sidebar.

However, it is recommended that you schedule your live video instead of using Simulcast at the same time you go live on your event in Balloon. It's a great way to spread the word through an announcement post and give people time to join and watch your stream.

As shown below from the Facebook Live example, you can choose Schedule a Live Video. The Stream Key is provided, and upon scheduling your live video, the Stream URL will be created. Go ahead and paste them into the correction locations on Balloon Manager as previously mentioned.

Happy streaming!

If you have any questions, you can send us a message on the Live Chat or e-mail us on

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