Creating value for your sponsors and exhibitors is crucial for them and for you as an organizer.

Here are some of the basic things you can set up for your sponsors and exhibitors on Balloon:

  1. Sponsored Stage: Create a sponsored stage by adding your sponsor's logo to the stage and including them in the stage name.

2. Sponsored Networking: Make the event networking which is one of the most engaging activities sponsored by adding one of your sponsor's logo to the networking setting.

3. Sponsored Session: Create a sponsored session, talk, or panel by adding your sponsor to the schedule item's name and image.

4. Sponsored Livestream: Give your sponsor a premium expo booth and encourage them to create their own content schedule and frequently Livestream during the event. You can drive more traffic to your sponsors' live stream by adding their schedule to your event's master schedule.

5. Lead Generation: Encourage your sponsor to get creative with their call to action button in their expo booth in order to generate more leads from your event.

These are only the basic and quick methods to create value for your sponsors at your next Balloon event. There are more tricks and creative ways to create and engagement and value for your sponsors which we will write about in another article.

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