Sponsors are front and center on Balloon, displayed in the registration page, reception area, and accessible in the right sidebar throughout the event.

Creating an event sponsorship package is a key part of event planning. That's why Balloon offers organizers the chance to monetize their online event through various sponsorship opportunities, such as sponsored stages and networking and three customizable sponsor tiers.

Add a sponsor to your event:

  1. In Balloon Manager, choose the event you want to add sponsors to and then click the Sponsors tab.

  2. Click Add Sponsor and begin filling in relevant information, such as their name, tier, image, description, social media handles, website, and the order in which they appear in your registration page and event.

  3. Tick the box labelled Listed for the sponsor to be listed among others in the registration page, reception, and right sidebar, or untick if they are only sponsoring a specific event function, such as a stage or networking area.

  4. Click Save.

Add a sponsor to event functions:

Stage: Click the Stages tab and then click Add Stage. On the New Stage page, choose the sponsor you want to add and continue populating the stage with relevant information as shown below:

Networking: Click the Networking tab. Under Networking Settings, choose the sponsor you want to add and continue choosing relevant details as shown below:

Edit sponsor tiers:

  1. Click the Sponsor Tiers tab.

  2. Choose the tier you want to edit and then continue to fill in the tier name, order, and description.

  3. Tick the Show Name box for the sponsor tier name to be displayed in the event or untick to have the name hidden.

  4. Click Save Sponsor Tier.

Another valuable opportunity for sponsors is having a booth that is featured in your event's Expo area. To provide organizers with further monetization opportunities, Balloon provide three exhibitor booth tiers to choose from. Click here to learn more about our Expo area and how to create and build an exhibitor booth.

If you have any questions, you can send us a message on the Live Chat or e-mail us on hello@joinballoon.com.

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