Virtual exhibitor booths are found in the Expo area.

Attendees can visit these booths to learn more about the exhibitor and explore their products and resources. Our booths include interactive features that attendees can enjoy such as live-stream sessions and one-on-one meetings with exhibitors.

As an organizer, exhibitor booths are a great way to monetize your event. Balloon provides three-tier options to choose from when setting up your booth: premium+, premium, and basic. The tiers differ in card size in the Expo area and in both feature richness.

To add an exhibitor booth:

In Balloon Manager, click on the Expo button in the sidebar. Then click Add Exhibitor to begin creating the exhibitor booth:

This will take you to the booth building page where you can begin to name and choose your booth tier. You can also sort the order in which the exhibitor appears in the Expo area as shown below:

Include the email for the exhibitor to receive notifications on and where attendees can reach out to. In the first and second tabs, continue to fill in relevant information that will appear in their booths, such as logo, description, social media handles, and website.

In the third tab, you can continue to add the exhibitor's banner, and depending on the tier, embed videos, files, and a live stage that will be featured in their booth.

The example chosen above is a Premium+ booth that includes a live stage and two of each of the following features: embedded videos, PDF files, and promos.

If you have any questions, you can send us a message on the Live Chat or e-mail us on

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