The first step is to copy the backstage link from Balloon Manager in the stages section (organizer dashboard).

Once you copy the backstage URL, load it in a new tab or window to access the backstage.

Then click join, applying your audio/video settings,

and, voila, you're in the backstage.

Once you are on the backstage as an organizer, you can disconnect yourself from the stage while still being able to control who is on the backstage.

You will then be able to see new speakers when they are in the waiting room and accept their requests to join the backstage.

Once you accept the request of the speaker, they will join you in the backstage.

Then you can click broadcast when you are ready to go Live.

Once you are Live, you will see the 'Live' icon on the top left side. You can stop broadcasting at any time by clicking 'Stop Broadcasting'.

Happy broadcasting:)

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