Accept speaker invitation and create an account:

  • If you received a speaker invitation by email from the organizer, please accept the invitation.

  • Then, create a new Balloon account or sign in to an existing one. Please do this step regardless of the speaker's invitation.

  • Once you've accepted the speaker invitation, then you would automatically be registered to the event. If not, ask the event organizer to send you a link to register for the event (it will probably be a private link with a free ticket).

  • Once registered, let the Organizer know so they can add you as a Speaker to the Registration page, Schedule, and Reception Page

  • Ask the Organizer to send you the link to a Backstage

The backstage is where you meet before going live and start sharing your presentation.

  • Make sure that your Audio and Video devices are connected and ready to use


  • When it's time for your presentation, head to the backstage with the link provided to you by the Organizer of the event.

  • Click Request access

  • You will see 'Waiting for approval'. The organizer can also see you in the waiting room regardless if you've requested access or not.

  • Once accepted you'll need to give the browser permission to use your camera and mic as well as apply you audio and video settings.

  • The Organizer receives your request to join and once approved, you will appear on the Backstage screen with video and audio on

You can use the backstage chat to chat with the organizer and other speakers in the backstage. Make sure to select the backstage in the chat panel.

If you have any questions, you can send us a message on the Live Chat of e-mail us on

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