The first step to join a backstage is to click on the backstage link. If you're an organizer, you can find your backstage link in the relevant stage in Balloon Manager (organizer dashboard). If you're a speaker, please ask your event organizer for the backstage link.

Once you click on the backstage link, you should sign in or already be signed in to view the backstage.

Once you are on the backstage, you can request access to join the backstage if it's your turn to speak. The organizer will also be able to see that you've joined the backstage even if you didn't request access and she/he can add you to the stage at any time.

When the organizer accepts your request or adds you to the stage, you will then select your Audio/Video settings:

After you apply your audio and video settings, you will join the backstage.

If you have any questions, you can send us a message on the Live Chat of e-mail us on

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